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Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden

The lush, natural combination of texture + colour will add warmth to any space.

Tropical plants purify the air & help add humidity to indoor environments, leaving us with an overall feeling of well-being.

We will combine our best selection of beautiful, tropical plants together in a neutral container. We will add natural design elements to the design, like moss & stones, to accent & highlight the beauty of the foliage.

 *As always, we will include a care tag to ensure the recipient has success caring for their new plants.


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What size will my arrangement be?

- Perfect for a desk
or bedside table

- Would look great on
a coffee table

- Size for a kitchen island

- Lush arrangement but not
overwhelmingly large

- Large and lush, it will be the
focal point of the room

- Wow! Jaw dropping and
show stopping

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